Detailed price list

Here’s the pricing of the most common tasks. All prices listed are hourly rates. If you’re wonder about the pricing of other tasks and individual repairs, make sure you contact me.

Hourly rate CZK 450
Chassis repairs, inspection, and diagnosis up to CZK 1000 according to the complexity of the measurement
Utility vehicles, vans, SUVs up to CZK 1200 according to the complexity of the measurement

Common car chassis issues

Tires worn out unequally

Is the tire worn out on the sides, in the middle, or on just one edge? The cause might be incorrect tire inflation, wrong wheel alignment geometry settings, and more.

Car leaning sideways

The car keeps leaning to the left or the right when it should be heading straight forward.

Knocking on uneven roads

Are you hearing knocking sounds you weren’t hearing before while driving through uneven roads?

Car floating and being unstable

The car tends to turn sideways or “jump” randomly.

Car shaking when accelerating

The car or its steering wheel starts shaking unexpectedly when accelerating or starting the engine.

Uneven steering

The steering wheel does not rotate smoothly in all positions.

Car being enormously noisy

The car gets enormously noisy or makes diametrically different levels of noise when turning left/right and going forward.

Steering wheel not straight

This may be caused by wrong wheel alignment.

Shaky steering wheel

The steering wheel keeps shaking while driving.

Car shaking while braking

The entire car or the steering wheel starts shaking when braking.

My services

  • chassis inspection
  • wheel alignment
  • chassis repairs
  • silencer replacement
  • brake inspection and

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