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Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Drahomír Machala and I’ve been running a car repair business for nearly 30 years currently specializing in automotive chassis repairs. My workshop is located close to downtown Uherské Hradiště.

More details can be found at the Services page. Got any other troubles with your car? I can help you resolve those.

Measurement deviceTo accomplish high quality work I use a state-of-the-art diagnosis device from Beissbarth and a lifting device from OMCN. Apart from conventional passenger cars I also specialize in off-road vehicles, SUVs, and utility vehicles like vans (up to 3.5 metric tons of weight). To ensure trouble free performance of all vehicles, I use quality parts from trusted vendors only.

If you decide to use my services, check out the Pricing page for details on my hourly rates. The Gallery page features up-to-date pictures of my workshop. You’re welcome to come from Monday to Friday7:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

Also make sure you check out the right column for common car issues I can help you resolve.Dovolte, abych vás uvítal na svých webových stránkách. Mé jméno je Drahomír Machala a zabývám se již přes 30 let opravami automobilů. V současné době se specializuji zejména na měření geometrie kol a náprav, dále také na diagnostiku a opravu podvozků. Má autoopravna se nachází nedaleko centra Uherského Hradiště.

Common car chassis issues

Tires worn out unequally

Is the tire worn out on the sides, in the middle, or on just one edge? The cause might be incorrect tire inflation, wrong wheel alignment geometry settings, and more.

Car leaning sideways

The car keeps leaning to the left or the right when it should be heading straight forward.

Knocking on uneven roads

Are you hearing knocking sounds you weren’t hearing before while driving through uneven roads?

Car floating and being unstable

The car tends to turn sideways or “jump” randomly.

Car shaking when accelerating

The car or its steering wheel starts shaking unexpectedly when accelerating or starting the engine.

Uneven steering

The steering wheel does not rotate smoothly in all positions.

Car being enormously noisy

The car gets enormously noisy or makes diametrically different levels of noise when turning left/right and going forward.

Steering wheel not straight

This may be caused by wrong wheel alignment.

Shaky steering wheel

The steering wheel keeps shaking while driving.

Car shaking while braking

The entire car or the steering wheel starts shaking when braking.

Picture gallery

Workshop view
Overall view
Workshop interior
Measurement device
Measurement in progress
Measurement device
Measurement in progress
Lifting device
Aligning wheels

Workshop location


My services

  • chassis inspection
  • wheel alignment
  • chassis repairs
  • silencer replacement
  • brake inspection and
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